Intelligently Simple Security

For today’s advanced crimeware challenges


Combat the ever-changing techniques of today’s cyber criminals without halting business productivity.

Nimble data security

Nimble data security

Trusted Knight defeats crimeware and all zero-day malware variants for enterprise ecoystem protection.

rapid deployment &  minimal maintenance

rapid deployment & minimal maintenance

Trusted Knight products are easy-to-deploy and require nominal support to keep protection up-to-date.

Cloud Delivered Products

Cloud Delivered Products

Delivered as an executable or Amazon Web Services

Proven Track Record of Eliminating Cyber Theft

Proven Track Record of Eliminating Cyber Theft

Proven to reduce online banking fraud losses due to stealth malware and website attacks that cause interruption to users to zero.

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article 01.12.17

Think your CDN is protecting you? Think again…

A common trend in website hosting is to use a conventional CDN hosting provider who offers high-availability and improved performance by storing cached content in proxy servers in the cloud. These CDN solutions are effective in offloading much of the […]
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article 12.26.16

Trusted Knight’s Top 5 of 2016

As we wrap up another year, we at Trusted Knight are doing many of the same end-of-year activities as others: sending out holiday cards, winding down to spend time with friends and families, reflecting on our accomplishments and missteps over the […]
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article 12.19.16

The Hidden Risk of DDoS in Healthcare

Availability of data has always been a part of overall security best practices.  In healthcare, this is established in the HIPAA Security Rule which mandates that covered entities “Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all electronic protected health information […]
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