Our Vision.

We believe it’s time for a drastic change in how enterprises and organizations consume security products and protect their network and application infrastructure.

Conventional security products have failed to keep-pace with the ever evolving threats, and have fallen short on the promise of speedy implementation and ease-of-use and maintenance. Data security is often considered the culprit in slowing down business without solving the problem.

With modernization in mind, Trusted Knight delivers security products that can be deployed instantly, improve the performance of networks and applications and protect against new attack vectors.

Our Products.

Protector Air
Full transaction stack protection through a cloud-based solution – intercepts customer-side malware, prevents web application exploitation, and stops transactional fraud.

Protector Endpoint
Advanced endpoint protection beyond the transaction stack – completely disables malware, such as keyloggers and banking Trojans, through intelligent agent analytics.

Protector Web
Advanced web application protection beyond the transaction stack – utilizes smart WAF technology for real-time protection including DDoS prevention and automated whitelisting.

Our History.

2010 Founded in Annapolis, Maryland
2011 Financial services and payment processing clients utilize Protector to reduce online fraud to zero
2012 Patent granted for Protector Endpoint Protection product
2013 Partnership established with key technology distributors
2014 Launched Protector Point-of-Sale Endpoint Protection
2015 Acquired Sentrix Cloud-DMZ web security product
2016 Series B Funding round successfully closed; Product, Sales and Marketing team expansion

Our Team.

Trusted Knight was formed from the combination of data security industry experts, former government agency professionals and military intelligence veterans focused on online financial and intellectual property fraud.

The Trusted Knight product and technical teams have deep expertise in developing, reverse engineering and defeating crimeware Trojans.

In 2016, Trusted Knight closed a successful round of Series B financing to kick off the year. This funding enabled aggressive expansion of the sales and marketing efforts, as well as broadening and accelerating product development.

The Trusted Knight management team

Joseph Patanella, CEO

After spending 18 years as a technologist with the National Security Agency (NSA) and gaining entrepreneurial business experience, Joe founded Trustwave, a leading information security company in 1998 and managed the company through massive growth in technology and revenue.

Trevor Reschke, Head of Threat Intelligence

A former Counterintelligence Special Agent recognized as one of the foremost experts in cyber-terrorism. Trevor specializes in digital investigations and managed the Incident Response Team and the Vulnerability Assessment Team for the US Army Regional CERT in Europe.

Ted Mckendall, CTO

With over 20 years of information security experience, Ted has held a variety of positions from security engineer to product manager. Ted is the mastermind behind many cloud-delivered payment industry security solutions used by millions of businesses today.

Trusted Knight Advisors

Daniel Ennis, Former Executive Director, National Security Agency

Throughout a distinguished 36-year career, Daniel has held senior-level positions throughout the National Security Agency (NSA) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Director of the Threat Operations Centers (NTOC), Daniel lead foreign intelligence missions associated with counterterrorism, counterintelligence, counter-proliferation, counter-narcotics and organization crime, as well as adversarial nation state issues across the globe. Daniel advises Trusted Knight’s government and federal business interactions, along with providing insight to the product development and enhancement team.

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