Dan Ennis CEO

Given their affiliation with the Israeli banking industry, The Association of Banks in Israel is especially concerned with the constant threat of targeted DDoS attacks, website defacement and other web-born vulnerabilities. These concerns sent the team at the Association on a search for a solution to help protect their website from these attacks. With website uptime being a critical requirement, The Association sought out a single solution to help them guarantee protection and ensure website availability.

The Association of Banks in Israel’s first priority in looking for a solution was to ensure their web applications were completely protected from the full-spectrum of web-based attacks from DDoS attacks to exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities. Throughout their search, the Association found that Cloud-DMZ offered the most straight-forward solution meeting all of their requirements.

In implementing the technology, from proof-of-concept trial to the deployed solution, The Association found Trusted Knight the easiest service provider to work with. As a result of implementing Cloud-DMZ, the Association saw immediate protection against web-based attacks, including DDoS attacks.

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