Dan Ennis CEO

Modern distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attackers are leveraging the convenience of the cloud to access the computing power required to execute “mega” DDoS attacks. The consequence of a DDoS attack on a business can be far reaching and directly contributes to significant revenue loss, customer data breaches and damage to brand reputation.

For this reason, businesses like Emovis, the leading UK service delivery and technology arm of Abertis, are turning to DDoS mitigation products and services. However, many are finding that conventional methods of inspecting all incoming traffic and relying on filtering or traffic anomaly detection cannot match the scale or sophistication of today’s DDoS attackers.

Which is why when Emovis was chosen by the UK government to operate the tolling of Dartford Crossing, where more than 160,000 vehicles pass daily, they took the time to find the right solution to keep their drivers’ sensitive data safe while managing their online electronic tolling accounts. The contract with the government required compliance with rigorous digital standards that ensure a consistent user experience with other government services, that the site be built with agility in mind for easy updating and that user information is kept secure while transacting. In particular, the government is concerned about the potential for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

When evaluating a solution, Emovis wanted to do more than just block suspicious traffic, they wanted to ensure a secure web application for their users and they needed to ensure that frequent user experience updates wouldn’t be help up by hard-to-manage security products. Emovis turned to Trusted Knight’s Cloud-DMZ as the best preventative solution in combating DDoS attacks and other web-born vulnerabilities. Through their research process they found that Cloud-DMZ is a true cloud-based web application firewall and an alternative to conventional DDoS mitigation solutions.

After implementing Cloud-DMZ, Emovis saw immediate protection against DDoS attacks and web-based vulnerabilities. The Cloud-DMZ infrastructure has eliminated the threat of stolen user data and allowed the Emovis team to focus on user experience because their teams are not overwhelmed with security alerts of maintenance requirements.

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