Can I try the service without directing live traffic through Protector Air?

Organizations may sometimes request to run a trial without running live traffic through Protector Air.  This avoids the need for the DNS change and the SSL certificate.  Instead, a local hosts file change can be made on a few test machines, which overrides DNS and forces traffic from those test machines to route through Protector Air instead of going directly to the website.  

However in Trusted Knight’s experience this usually makes the trial much less effective for three reasons.  First, it requires much more active involvement by the organization doing the evaluation, since without their involvement in generating web requests from test machines, no traffic will hit Protector Air.  Second, the test results will only be as thorough as the organization’s ability to test.  Are the testers able to generate web attacks like SQL injection?  Do the testers have experience with client-side malware such as keyloggers that they can use to test the anti-malware capabilities?  If not, then the test will simply show passing web traffic, with no alerts.  Finally, allowing live traffic to flow through Protector Air will not only provide a richer set of data for the trial, but will also provide some useful insight into what is actually happening with typical web sessions from real users and the Internet activity attempting to access the site.