What if I am using a CDN?

If your organization uses a third-party CDN service, you have two options: 

  1. Trusted Knight can include the Amazon CloudFront CDN service as part of Protector Air and manage the combined service for you. 
  1. You can continue to use your existing CDN in conjunction with Protector Air. 


If you want to continue to use a third-party CDN, Protector Air should be between the CDN and your origin website.  This way all web requests from users will still hit the CDN first, providing you the full performance benefits from caching and geographic proximity.  Any requests that are not served by the CDN will pass through to Protector Air and then to your origin website. 


To do this, the DNS changes will be slightly different from simply setting up a CNAME, since the main DNS entry for the domain name should still point to the CDN provider.  Depending on which CDN service you are using, Trusted Knight support can work with you to define what changes are most appropriate.