Trusted Knight Acquires Sentrix Web Technologies

Solution: Protector™

Trusted Knight’s patented Protector™ solution is the only security product that effectively stops Crimeware trojan attacks without being reliant on detection
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    Stop Cyber Criminals Cold

    Prevents data stealing, even if already infected

    Protector™ stops Crimeware from stealing data, and prevents the theft of your customer’s sensitive information even if their system is already infected with Crimeware. Protector™ effectively “breaks” Crimeware so it can’t harvest user-entered data.

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    Cross-Browser Support

    Cross-browser support

    Every major data breach over the past several years has been instigated by Crimeware attacking web browsers to gain credential information and enhanced access to high-value systems. Protector™ is effective for all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

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    Beyond Anti-Virus

    Beyond Anti-Virus

    Anti-Virus technologies cannot detect all trojans reliably, especially advanced Crimeware that is specifically designed to evade detection. Trusted Knight Protector™ provides reliable and effective protection against these types of threats.

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