Keeping Pace with Endpoint Exploits


Dan Ennis CEO

According to a recent Sans Institute threat landscape survey, “Exploits at the Endpoint”, estimates indicate that 390 thousand new malicious programs (malware) emerge every day. While the top reported threats (phishing, spearphishing or whaling, and ransomware) are on the rise, the next-level threats including Trojans and DDoS continue to consume significant amounts of infosec attention.

With the sheer amount of new threats popping up, it’s become clear that traditional signature-based anti-virus and robust endpoint security suites haven’t been able to keep-pace with the overwhelming growth in endpoint exploit threats.

Zero-day vulnerabilities will always be a gap in the detect-and-remediate strategies of anti-virus products leaving enterprises unprotected despite their best efforts at a layered security approach. While small-to-medium sized business will continue to find clunky endpoint security products complex and costly to implement.

We think it’s time for a drastic change in how enterprises and organizations protect the endpoint and their network infrastructure.

How to keep up with the threats

At Trusted Knight, our approach to Endpoint Protection is to presume that every device or system will be compromised regardless of the security measures put in place. We do this for all the reasons any security expert would site including unknowledgeable employees and users, the abundance of endpoint exploit attempts and most importantly because of zero-day/unknown threats.

Protector Endpoint Protection was designed to protect users and organizations from the most critical data compromises. With Protector, malware exfiltration is stopped through an intelligent agent analysis. We are not trying to detect crimeware, because we know we’ll never keep up with emerging threats. Instead, we take action to stop the functionality of crimeware.

Because of this unique approach, criminals never obtain the user-entered data they need to commit fraud and organization can defend against those attacks responsible for the overwhelming majority of financial and data loss.

Protector blocks attempts by crimeware to steal sensitive data through keylogging, memory injection (man-in-the-browser), form-grabbing and other techniques widely used by cyber criminals. Protector Enterprise will secure the internal systems of an organization, providing a layer of protection that reinforces other security tools such as network exfiltration tools and anti-virus.

Protector is a lightweight tool implemented using an installer which can be deployed throughout the organization rapidly with no interruption to users. Learn more about Protector, contact our sales team or set up a demo.