Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall

Cloud-DMZ is an advanced alternative to a conventional WAF, which dramatically reduces false positives and negatives, shortens deployment time to hours and eliminates operational complexity.

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Cloud-DMZ is a true cloud-based web application firewall that utilizes smart technology to learn site architecture in real time to reduce the attack surface by as much as 99%. Protection with Cloud-DMZ is immediate, so there is no need to deploy and manage complex whitelist rule sets.

Trusted Knight is a data security company dedicated to providing intelligently simple solutions to today’s crimeware challenges. With roots in the National Security Agency, military intelligence and security across the financial industry, the Trusted Knight team is focused on delivering agile, yet sophisticated security to outsmart the evolving tactics of cyber criminals and provide nimble protection to enterprise eco-systems, from applications to the endpoints.

What is Cloud-DMZ?

Cloud-DMZ actively scans your application, learns its functionality and protects by understanding the context of each incoming request. As a result, it can accurately tell apart legitimate traffic from malicious traffic and will not block legitimate users. Cloud-DMZ continuously synchronizes with the application to enable agile and secure application releases and integrate security with DevOps processes.

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