Reduce your online fraud to zero

Trusted Knight’s Protector is purpose-built to protect financial institutions from compromised end-user devices.

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A top 10 US regional bank provided Protector to online customers and saw a 70% adoption rate, a dramatic reduction in fraud activity involving crimeware and now uses Protector as a remediation path if an unprotected customer falls prey to crimeware.

Who is Trusted Knight? Who is Trusted Knight?

Trusted Knight is a data security company dedicated to providing intelligently simple solutions to today’s crimeware challenges. With roots in the National Security Agency, military intelligence and security across the financial industry, the Trusted Knight team is focused on delivering agile, yet sophisticated security to outsmart the evolving tactics of cyber criminals and provide nimble protection to enterprise eco-systems, from applications to the endpoints.

What is Protector?

Protector disables the key-logging and data-stealing capabilities of malware making it impossible to steal critical corporate or user credential information.

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