Combining Website Security with Performance Optimization

Trusted Knight's Cloud-DMZ website security architecture improves website performance while it protects.

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Page loading time is a critical element of any website application. As more websites become globally distributed load time has become increasingly important to user experience, brand perception and search engine optimization. As important as page loading time, so is security of an application. With Trusted Knight's Cloud-DMZ web application security architecture these two priorities are no longer mutually exclusive.

Who is Trusted Knight? Who is Trusted Knight?

Trusted Knight is a data security company dedicated to providing intelligently simple solutions to today’s crimeware challenges. With roots in the National Security Agency, military intelligence and security across the financial industry, the Trusted Knight team is focused on delivering agile, yet sophisticated security to outsmart the evolving tactics of cyber criminals and provide nimble protection to enterprise eco-systems, from applications to the endpoints.

What is Cloud-DMZ?

Cloud-DMZ serves web pages from a secure cloud replica of the application, which requires minimal processing and back-end communication. The replica is substantially more efficient than the original website and therefore serves pages much faster. Additionally, Cloud-DMZ serves a significant amount of traffic from the cloud, offloading and reducing web server and database loads.

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