A New Approach To WordPress Security

With Cloud-DMZ, properly securing a WordPress website doesn't have to be a full-time job.

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While the WordPress interface is easy to maneuver, it's also inherently insecure due to the open source nature of the platform. What makes Cloud-DMZ a perfect solution for WordPress sites is that it defends against the full range of web attacks, regardless of the security of plugins and extensions.

Who is Trusted Knight? Who is Trusted Knight?

Trusted Knight is a data security company dedicated to providing intelligently simple solutions to today’s crimeware challenges. With roots in the National Security Agency, military intelligence and security across the financial industry, the Trusted Knight team is focused on delivering agile, yet sophisticated security to outsmart the evolving tactics of cyber criminals and provide nimble protection to enterprise eco-systems, from applications to the endpoints.

What is Cloud-DMZ?

Cloud-DMZ provides enterprise-grade web application security and DDoS protection by actively scanning the website, understanding its functionality and serving traffic from a secure, cloud-based replica.

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