Protector™, for all your security needs 

The greatest security challenge facing banks today is how to safely interact with online clients despite the fact that key-logging malware is likely resident on customer PCs/devices. Protector™ disables the key-logging functionality of any malware variants independent of the need for antivirus updates. Protector™ disables the data-stealing capabilities of malware until antivirus can remove the malware—online banking accounts remain safe in the interim.

the Protector™ product line

is fully transparent to users



Banks do not own or control their customers’ PCs and are unlikely to mandate any security controls onto customer PCs. To successfully deploy an anti-malware product to banking customers on an “opt-in” basis, the product must be virtually transparent. Protector™ is simple to install (in seconds), has no hardware minimums, and requires minimal technical support. In addition, Protector™ requires no user interaction or configuration and collects no user information from bank customers. Best of all, Protector™’s opt-in rate for banking customers is a remarkable 70%. Protector™ can be quickly deployed across a bank’s customer base to dramatically reduce the fraud losses resulting from key-logging malware.