Intelligently Simple Endpoint ProtectionIntelligently Simple Endpoint Protection

The greatest security challenge facing institutions today is how to safely interact online despite the fact that security of the endpoint has likely already been compromised.

Protector disables the key-logging and data-stealing capabilities of malware making it impossible to steal critical corporate or user credentials and other propriety information which is used by cyber criminals to commit fraud or gain privileged access to the corporate network.

The Protector Approach

Protector was designed to provide a solution focused on defeating crimeware attacks. Crimeware has become so sophisticated that traditional detect-and-remove strategies of anti-virus are no longer a viable approach and conventional endpoint protection products are often clunky and hard to manage. Instead of attempting to detect and remove crimeware, Protector disables crimeware functions to eliminate its ability to collect information. Without browser-entered data, cyber criminals are unable to perpetrate crime.

How it works

How it works

Protector is installed as an application on Windows-based PCs to support all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari) and has no software or hardware requirements. Protector detects browsers and begins protecting immediately after installation, requiring no configuration or user interaction.

Protector isn’t trying to detect crimeware
that’s a losing battle! Instead we take action to stop the functionality of crimeware. Because of this unique approach, criminals never obtain the user-entered data they need to commit fraud and organizations can defend against those attacks responsible for the overwhelming majority of financial losses. Protector is intended to be simple to install and was created to minimize any impact or disruption of users.

Secure Your Entire Network

Protector Enterprise blocks attempts by crimeware to steal sensitive data through key-logging, memory injection (man-in-the-browser), form-grabbing and other techniques widely used by today’s financial crimeware. Protector Enterprise is designed to protect the internal systems of an organizations, providing a layer of protection that reinforces other security tools such as network exfiltration tools and anti-virus. Protector Enterprise protection is implemented using an installer which can be deployed throughout the organization rapidly with no interruption to the users.

Secure Your Entire Network

Protect Your Online Users

Protector Web is designed to be deployed to an organization’s external users, where there is limited or no control over the users’ endpoints. Protector Web provides the same level of protection as Protector Enterprise, but is contained to the user’s interaction with the organization’s websites. Protector Web can be co-branded and is customizable to provide the specific protection and look-and-feel an organization wants to deliver to their external users.

Protect Your Online Users

The Protector Benefits

Proven to reduce online fraud to zero
Universal browser support
Easily installed, virtually transparent to users
Does not degrade the performance of users’ devices, does not adversely impact the stability of customer devices and requires absolutely no user interaction
Fully defends against all malware attacks responsible for the overwhelming majority of financial losses.
Voluntary adoption rate for financial institution customers exceeds an astonishing 75%
Does not collect any information from customer devices to protect user privacy
Employs countermeasures against malware counterattacks
Highly customizable design & cobranding to provide a familiar brand to users

Experience the Simplicity First Hand

ProtectorTM free trial

Try Protector Enterprise for 14 days with no changes to existing applications, security tools or infrastructures

1 Install Protector on your desktop
2 Protector requires no additional configuration
3 Enjoy the reassurance you’re protected from crimeware

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