Sentrix’ Cloud-DMZ™ Web Application Security V3.0 Generally Available


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Security Technology Critical to Protecting Enterprise Web Applications 


Boston, April 14, 2015 – Sentrix ( announces general availability of Cloud-DMZ™ version 3.0, protecting enterprise web applications against cyberattacks.
Cloud-DMZ reduces the website’s attack surface by more than 99%, preventing data breaches, defacement, and DDoS, commonly inflicted by attackers targeting enterprise web applications.

Attacks on web applications are a major threat to enterprises. The traditional approach of Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) is no longer suitable as they are extremely complex to deploy, configure, and manage within today’s dynamic web development models. They reduce security effectiveness, increase maintenance overhead, and generate the false positives that eventually force organizations to run WAFs in detect-only mode to avoid blocking legitimate traffic.

Unlike Web Application Firewalls, Sentrix Cloud-DMZ does not inspect all incoming traffic; instead, it continuously analyzes the protected web properties’ functionality and virtualizes the customer website’s user interface within a cloud-based grid, which automatically eliminates more than 99% of the website’s attack surface and locks out attackers. As a result, Cloud-DMZ dramatically improves protection against all web application attacks. It eliminates zero-day undocumented threats, allows businesses to function under heavy DDoS attacks, dramatically simplifies management, reduces IT security resources, and minimizes false positives. Thanks to the uniqueness of its technology, Sentrix was recently named a Network World Top 10 Young Security Start-ups to Watch.

Cloud-DMZ is designed to support modern DevOps models by streamlining web application deployment cycles and disconnecting web deployment from security dependencies. It also helps organizations meet data security compliance requirements such as PCI. Cloud-DMZ is deployed across industries, such as financial institutions, healthcare, media, higher education, telecom, government and other enterprise customers.

Cloud-DMZ version 3.0 unveils a new, real-time Application Layer Visualizer. The ALV is the first tool that empowers both security and web development teams to visually identify the critical business logic components of their web application, rapidly identify security gaps, fix them using a visual policy editor, and test them before publishing. Beyond security the ALV identifies application errors, such as misconfigured or broken links, and enables web application developers to improve application integrity and quality.

“Web application attacks, breaches of sensitive data, and DDoS are a daily reality for enterprises,” said Sentrix CEO Ofer Wolf. “Most web application security still relies on outdated approaches that struggle to keep up with the complexity of today’s Web applications and the agility of web attackers and also interfere with DevOps. Cloud-DMZ restores peace of mind, allowing enterprises get back to focusing on what’s important: their business.”­­

Sentrix will be exhibiting at RSA April 20-24 in San Francisco at booth #S 132

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About Sentrix

Sentrix provides Cloud-DMZ, an advanced, cloud-based security solution that protects enterprise web applications against costly web attacks, prevents hackers from compromising sensitive data, mitigates severe DDoS attacks that may cause downtime and brand damage, and helps organizations meet data security compliance requirements.  Unlike conventional application security solutions that are not suitable for the modern threat landscape and web deployment models, Sentrix’s disruptive approach is proven to increase security effectiveness: it replicates the customer’s original website, and as a result, removes over 99% of the website’s attack surface and locks out web attackers. Sentrix is backed by leading venture funds with offices in the US, UK and Israel. Sentrix was recently named a Network World Top 10 Security Start-ups to Watch. For more information about Sentrix and Cloud-DMZ visit or contact