The Trusted Knight Solution

Designed to Protect

trusted knight is user friendly and works immediately

Trusted Knight Protector™ was designed to minimize any impact or disruption of users. Trusted Knight Protector™ is simple to install, does not degrade the performance of customer devices, does not adversely impact the stability of customer devices, and requires absolutely no user interaction. Trusted Knight Protector™ is installed as an application on customers’ Windows-based PCs to support all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari). There are no hardware or software requirements for PCs using Trusted Knight Protector™. Trusted Knight Protector™ fully defends against those crimeware attacks responsible for the overwhelming majority of financial losses. Trusted Knight Protector™ defends all common browsers against the latest crimeware attacks. Trusted Knight Protector™ even defeats the SMS-Proxy-in-the-Mobile attack that compromises mobile devices being used for out-of-band authentication of web-based financial transactions.