Foresight is now Sentrix


Dan Ennis CEO

I am excited to share key developments to be announced in the coming week.

Foresight is now Sentrix, the Sentry for Enterprise websites. We secure websites from the complete range of cyber attacks, delivering proven enterprise-grade, cloud-based web security solutions. The improved face of the Company is timed with the launch of our new name, website, logo and US introduction. The site will offer information security pros more resources, such as white papers and helpful posts with best practices for protecting websites against known and unknown cyber attacks, including: DDoS, OWASP Top-10, Defacement, Zero Day, and more.

Our mission remains the same – we are redefining website security to provide the best possible website protection to businesses everywhere. Over 70% of cyber security incidents arise from DDoS and web application attacks, two of the most expensive types of security attack for an organization. The more we speak with customers, security leaders and industry analysts, the more it is clear that a disruptive market opportunity exists for new web security technology. Traditional methods that protect websites, such as Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), platform hardening and more, need to be displaced with a public or private cloud-based solution that offers security AND performance, along with rapid deployment and simple management.

In addition, the web security needs of the mid-market are still unmet. Existing cloud–based options focus on performance at the expense of security and mainly protect against known patterns of attack which can be easily bypassed. Additionally, most on premise WAFs are too complex and costly for this segment and cannot incorporate DDoS mitigation, leaving vulnerabilities for data breaches and attacks via the website.

Sentrix is Simple, Secure and Swift. Sentrix redefines website security by providing context-aware, cloud-based website security solutions addressing the most demanding, high-end security needs of the enterprise. Sentrix already protects the websites of global banks and financial institutions, telecomm providers, pharmaceutical companies, utilities, academic institutions, government, and other global corporations enabling enterprise-level security while ensuring simplicity, maximum system performance and minimum maintenance.

To optimize the global opportunity in front of us, most notably in the U.S., our co-founder Israel Barak has relocated to the Boston area and we have opened our North American Headquarters in Waltham, MA. Our second co-founder, Nimrod Luria, remains at the Home Office to lead the technology vision of the company.

At this pivotal point, we have also expanded our Board of Directors with two industry veterans with decades of experience guiding technology companies to the top of their markets.
Zeev Bregman recently served as CEO of Nice Systems and has joined as Chairman of the Sentrix Board. Amir Orad, the former CEO of Actimize and Co-founder of Cyota (RSA) has also joined the Board.

As an organization, we know there is a bigger mission at hand. The threat landscape is ever-changing and the scale of attacks is growing exponentially; no region has experienced this more than Israel, where our platform proves its resilience and value daily for dozens of customers. Our deep cyber security expertise and business knowledge will be important in protecting organizations across sectors, from infrastructure to financial services – while ensuring zero downtime.

We love discussing the challenging world of security we live in today as well as new approaches and opportunities to make security better, simpler and doable. We hope you do too.

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Ofer Wolf
CEO, Sentrix

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