Agentless Malware Prevention

Agentless Malware Prevention

Trusted Knight provides the only unified security solution for websites that combines traditional web security with protection against the growing customer-side threats posed by advanced malware and malicious JavaScript.

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Agentless Malware Prevention


“Our login security has never been more solidified than it is now since we installed Protector Air. Their ability to account for multiple user instances brings protection to a new level.”

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Invisible and Unrelenting

Practical advice to reduce the risk of online fraud for businesses who need to secure the high-volume customer transaction data pouring through their websites.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Protector Air is agentless and designed to be invisible and automatic for all customers, monitoring all web application traffic between your website and the various computers, mobile devices, and other endpoints connecting to your website.


Defend Against Malware Attacks

  • Protect login pages from credential theft.
  • Prevent the theft of payment data and transaction hijacking.
  • Block malicious third party JavaScript website injections.

Preserve the Customer Experience

  • Cloud based solution.
  • Easy to deploy, transparent to users.
  • Requires no change to existing applications, security tools or infrastructure.

Integrated Web Security

  • Provides a single solution to protect the entire web application (WAF).
  • Neutralizes threats hosted on the web front end, removing attack vectors
  • Helps meet compliance mandates, dramatically reducing fraud.

Advanced Security, Seamless Protection

Protector Air, was designed to be invisible and automatic for all users, monitoring all web application traffic between the website and the various computers, mobile devices, and other endpoints trying to interact with your website.

Fraud Prevention

Transparent fraud prevention for 100% of website visitors. Stops the theft of banking and personal details.

Simple Integration

Protector Air is platform-agnostic across OS and device. Protection is possible in hours, requiring only a simple DNS redirect and SSL certificate details.

User Experience

Completely invisible protection for website visitors means security and user experience teams are no longer at odds. Data theft problems which cause brand damage disappear.

Customer Service

Inbound calls synonymous with compromised customers or those upset about being forced to download white labelled endpoint protection never materialize.

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